Revolution launch in Chennai

Chetan Bhagat, the investment banker turned bestselling author, read out a few lines in Tamil, with his own Punjabi accent- while he addressed the 700 people, all assembled in the atrium of  Chennai City Centre, for the launch of his recent bestseller flick “Revolution 2020”.

The show started with the host Jane Jeyakumar, RJ of Chennai Live, who managed the pre – Chetan Bhagat’s presence at the venue very well and also reminded the crowd-turning-curfew to be decent, to show that Chennai is the most hospitable city of India.

When Chetan Bhagat entered, the whole mall was shouting and yelling their love for him, his books and the way he writes.
Many enthusiastic fans, Press, even the elderly were given a chance to ask him questions, how he makes the characters so lively and realistic.

One in the audience had brought a Notebook, and flashed a page saying “Hi! Brother in law” (his wife being a resident of Chennai) to which Chetan Bhagat replied, “Haha! All of you are my in – laws!

He tried a few words in Tamil for his Chennai fans. “Naan Chennai -kkaga oru book – 2 states yezhidirukken; enakku Chennai romba pudikkum; konjam than Tamil theriyum” (I have written a book called 2 STATES before, I love Chennai, I know a little Tamil, and Chennai is like my home.”)

Then, the main reason of the crowd entered- Surya, the superstar. Apparently, due to traffic, he had to take a bike ride to Radhakrishnan Salai! That added more to the love for his dedication and commitment to work! But he, looking fresh as ever, launched Chetan’s book, expressed how much he loves his writing, how he made him a book-reader and they also revealed how they got to know each other.

Surya, after a short visit, bid adieu and Chetan made his fans the happiest in the world by signing their copies of his books!
It was a show full of energy, though a lot of brouhaha and commotion contributed by crazy fans of Chetan and Surya.

It was a treat to the Chennaiites, the bibliophiles and also for some people, who are entangled in the problems of  Love, Ambition and Corruption!

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