Say it straight and win a prize!

Deepavali, which means row of lamps, now has come to stay as Diwali!
And so is change in the manner we carry on the festivities!
With textile shops, jewellery marts and the electronics stores offering huge offers, the roads leading to these places have become a sea of people. All these come with roadside eating and throwing garbage indiscriminately all over the walkways.

On the day of the festival, it is joy, no doubt.
It is the day we enjoy the grand new dress, through we get new ones all through the year. The sweets, snacks, visitors to our homes and we visiting friends and relatives and then the fireworks!

What do you think about the festival that has so much to do with the whole month?
How eco-friendly is the festival?
Is it still a festival of lights or just of firing crackers?
We know it is both. But what is your take?

Go ahead and tell the world what you think of the festival and how would you like it to be.

Say it straight and you could win a prize.


  • You should be studying in class 6 to 10
  • You should choose to write on any one of the arguments – either┬ácelebration of pollution, not on both.
  • Your essay should not be more than 250 words
  • You should send your entries only by e-mail to
  • You should include a declaration that the essay is written by you.
  • Your entry should reach us on or before Oct. 25, 2011

Send your entries with your full name, class, school and contact phone no.

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