Show time of the year at Sir Sivaswamy Kalalaya

This is the twentieth year for Sir Sivaswami Kalalaya. Its annual day was celebrated on July 25. The theme for the year was ‘Jothirgamay – Lead unto Light’. All the programs were based on the Sun.

After the prayer, the first programme kouthuvam, was performed. The Sun god came with his seven rainbow-coloured horses representing the seven days of the week.

Next was a dance item –  a bharathanatyam
performance to a varnam in the ragam Sourashtra.

The next program was a Greek mythology which spread the message that the Sun is extremely powerful and it cannot be substituted by anyone. The next was a Japanese mythology showing the Japanese Sun god Amatharasu. The Egyptian mythology followed, which was a story about Isis, a queen who wanted to take over the reins of the kingdom from an old king who would not give it to anyone.

There was a fusion music performance by the band consisting of students of 12th standard. This was followed by the 90 voice-strong choir.

Then a dance was performed depicting the science and mythology of the occurrence of an eclipse, with the Sun doing Kathakali, the moon Manipuri and the earth Kathak dances.

This was followed by a short skit which was about a young couple who have recently moved to Chennai and the problems they face here like water shortage, power shutdown, etc.
The play said that the main reason for these was global warming, etc. Certain characters were welcomed enthusiastically by the audience, as they entered the stage, such as an uncle and a Mylapore mami.

The annual day ended with the audience tapping their feet to the fast music of a dance which included the folk dances of Karnataka, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, etc.

The chief guest for the occasion was the renowned bharatanatyam dancer Prof. C. V. Chandrasekhar. He said that he too had learnt a few things after seeing the programmes.

The beautiful headgears were made by Mrs.Vasuki, a former art teacher of our school.

Well-known musician R. Vedavalli, helped with the music for the annual day. R.S.Manohar drama troupe helped in providing the costumes for the different programs.

Some parent too, who had volunteered themselves to manage chores backstage and in the dispersal of children from the school throughout the year, were honoured on the stage.

On the whole it was a well practised program that ended with everyone enjoying themselves.

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