active indoors

Staying active indoors

Keeping ourselves physically active by doing exercises is quite a challenge. Owing to the lockdown and online sessions our daily routine is interrupted.

How did I keep myself physically active?
I visit the terrace every day to receive some fresh air.

While getting some fresh air, I get to see the captivating sunset and I do exercises and meditation.
Meditation helps a lot in calming your brain, removing stress.

climing stairs
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One important mistake everyone does is climbing the stairs to reach the terrace. It is an important exercise that everyone misses out on by using the elevator.

I do some outdoor exercises and also some daily activities which help me burn calories such as
• Skipping
• Yoga
• Exercises
• Watering the plants
• Kicking the football for leg exercise
• Dusting and cleaning the house
• Kneading the chapati dough
• Rolling the chapati dough
During this pandemic, we have to prioritize and focus on our physical well-being and stay healthy.

Featured image: Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash 

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