Talent display at Chinmaya Vidyalaya’s cultural fest

Animated discussion among students, leaders and volunteers, students dressed in various costumes like Snow white, Santa, Dancers etc., besides the ones in regular school uniform in the school campus were all part of a grand celebration at Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Taylors Road, Kilpauk.

It was Chinmayam, an annual Cultural Fest, where the three branches of Chinmaya Vidyalaya in Chennai – Anna Nagar (CVA), Virugambakkam (CVV) and Taylors Road (CVT), come together to showcase their talent every year. CVT hosted the event this year, on July 5 and 6, 2013 at their school premises.

The event saw a host of events and were categorised into three groups on the basis of different age groups.

Quiz competition, Dessert making Competition, English skit, Picture Collage and Folk Dance were among the competitions for the juniors. There were seven rounds in the Quiz and questions were drawn from Current Affairs, Sports and Politics. Dessert-making competition was an instant hit with the audience, as one got to savour various dishes, ice-creams etc. besides passing judgement on them.

All the participants, leaders and volunteers got a lunch coupon each. The coupon offered one samosa, one sandwich and a wafers packet to each of them.

The later events, included different kinds of play in the English skit, but the best was Snow-white. A Folk Dance concluded the group’s show.

For the middle schoolers, Video Jockey and Cooking Without Fire, then unfolded. The students maintained the tempo set up earlier in the day. Video Jockey received thunderous ovation and that too when the host school (CVT) won all the three prizes in this event. Cooking without Fire was very educative as the participants tried out many innovative dishes of North and South Indian variety.

The next day, the events continued with Channel Surfing and Western dance competition. Channel Surfing, was the funniest event of all and was enjoyed by all the schools together. The Western dance competition was interesting too.

The seniors participated in grand events like Rock Band, Role play, Trailer making, Mr. Chinmayam and Ms. Chinmayam. All the performances of Rock Band were enjoyable. In Role Play, there were many scenes which were extremely touching. Trailer Making, put on the screens was also well received, since all the trailers had a message to the audience.

Nine participants took part in the Mr. and Ms. Chinmayam competition. The first round was to tell an interesting story, where six of them were selected for the next round. The second round was Shipwreck, where Four of them were short-listed for the final round. Here, the participant had to enact a given character. Mr. Chinmayam was awarded to Yuvaraj of CVV and Ms. Chinmayam was awarded to Shree of CVT.

The overall trophy for Group A was shared by CVV and CVA while the overall trophy for middle and senior groups were won by CVT.

School Pupil Leader R. Srinath proposed the vote of thanks and curtain were down after the National Anthem.

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