Unleashing the Invisible Wings

Mr. Hari M. Mohanan started cycling from Kochi on March 30th and is on a 60-day cycle journey to promote his documentary film, Invisible Wings. The film is about the inspirational story of a tea seller from Kerala who has travelled to 16 countries because he followed his passion to travel. He is living his dreams because of his tremendous willpower and he says that if he had been money-minded, he would never have achieved his dreams and gained the wonderful experiences that he has now.

Mr. Hari spent months with Vijayan, the tea seller, trying to understand his thinking and capture the essence in his film. After the documentary was completed, he decided to promote it by making a cycle-trip and screening it at various places.


In his first screening in Chennai at Microsoft, Hari told the employees about Vijayan’s tea shop, his inspiration to make the film and how he likes people follow their true passion. The honorary guest for the Microsoft screening was movie director Dharani, who had nothing but good words to say about the efforts that Hari has put in and the beautiful message that the film sends across.

Mr. Hari wants the message to reach as many people as possible before he sells the film. So, he has undertaken cycle- trip. He has showed it to numerous people from tea sellers he met on his journey to people attending the special screenings at universities and offices. He will be in Chennai till April 20 and will also be cycling to Tirupati, Bengaluru, Mangalore, and Kozhikode. To help spread the message and arrange a screening, please contact Mr. Hari at 09946989298. To know more about his journey, you can follow it in his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/IWthefilm

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