Many may have seen people in the villages and in the outskirts of the city, carrying pots or huge containers of water on their heads or hips. Have we ever given a thought of how difficult it is carry it to and fro? Here is where ‘Moving Forward’ comes to play.

Moving Forward is a non-profit organisation which aims at generating solutions to tackle perennial problems of the underprivileged in India. Created by like minded college-goers, this organisation has started their first project called the ‘Paani genie.’ This is inspired by the Hippo Water Roller which is a South African project that was started in the 1990s.

The Paani genie is a 90-litre cylindrical water roller. It has two holes in the horizontal side onto which a rod is attached. It allows the user to pull or push the roller at an angle of 180 degrees. So, it could reduce 6 trips of carrying 15 litre water pots to one!


After an immense survey, Moving Forward had selected Vinayanganallur as their pilot village. Situated at a place which is two and a half hours from Chennai, this village has 205 homes and survives on agriculture .

Moving Forward has been successful in this village and has used crowd funding to do this project. “This project has been successful in the first village. Now we are planning to spread this project to other villages as well,” says Maanasa Madhukrishna, who heads Moving Forward.

Want to support this project? Check their Facebook page for details and links to CrowdFunding. Reach Moving Forward at +91 9940197971 (Maanasa Madhu Krishna). Email: