Wish for a languistic superpower

I wish I had the superpower of Omnilingualism; or being able to speak, understand and write in any language. Language gaps lead to forgetting the past and being disconnected from one’s culture. Even now, rich cultures and folk tales are being forgotten due to language gaps between the people of the world.

I would especially like to decipher the Indus Valley Script, as we know that they were very advanced in life for their time, and learning about their discoveries could help us very much in our current point in history. Another script I would like to decipher is the Cretan Hieroglyphics.

Alternatively, there are many languages in the world that are slowly dying out, and they take their stories along with them. The Cherokee language in North Carolina, USA is one of these languages. It has only about a thousand known speakers. If I could know this language and teach it to others, it wouldn’t go extinct as its speakers die out.

There are several vulnerable languages, such as Kurux in Jharkhand and Tulu in Karnataka. If they are not preserved, they will go extinct in a few hundred years.

If I had the superpower of Omnilingualism I could communicate with everyone and add to my personal knowledge of the world, as well as break down language barriers to make the past and everything that comes with it public knowledge.

One thought on “Wish for a languistic superpower

  1. Wonderful article written by Dayalakshmi. Of late, TV watching,playing video games become common among children. Highlighting book reading especially physical book reading makes me wonderhow she picturised people like us who long to buy and read good books. I will be very happy if this article helps the eye opener of many youngsters. Hats off Daya . I honour and value your points 👍👍👍

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