Young girl publishes Granny’s Stories

All of 13 years and putting grandma stories together may sound an oxymoron. But, that’s what young Yamini Prashanth has come up with.

Yamini, a student at Vidya mandir, Mylapore is bringing out her second book ‘Best of Granny’s Stories’ this weekend. The book is about two children spending a memorable weekend with their grandmother as she shares 20 stories that entrall as well communicate the finer values of life.

Photo Insert: Yamini Prashanth

Published by Tiny Tot Publications, the book will be launched at the Odyssey Store in Adyar on Sep. 5, 2014.
At 6.30 in the evening, Sanjay Pinto, a lawyer, columnist and former resident editor of NDTV will release the book. A storytelling session by the well-know storyteller Asha Sampath will follow.

Spinning stories comes to Yamini just as her thoughts flow. She published her first book ‘Mishti’ last year. The book was about simple joys of a perfect childhood and all things young girls would love do and included real-life experiences narrated interestingly. The book is also published in Hindi along side.

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