Young Thulika adds value to her vacation

Thulikha, is just six years old. But she has big plans for her summer holidays, apart from her swimming, yoga and keyboard classes. She plans to help a child go to school with the money she makes by selling her rainbow bands. She has a talent in  arts and crafts. She is fond of cutting and sticking newspapers and making things from craft books.

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“I love making these bands. I can make the fusilli, hexa-fishtail and beaded bands, but I need help with the hot-air balloon pattern.” she says with a smile. Thulika  googles and spends hours trying to learn new patterns. She makes wristbands, rings, earrings and even necklaces. Her mother, aunt and cousin also help her.

Thulikha’s aunt inspired her to sell the bands and finance a child’s education. She started in April and her aunt maintains a Facebook page for her. In one and a half months’ time, she has made Rs. 7000, after expecting to make only Rs.3000. When asked about what she would do with the money, she replies, “I’m going to give the money to my aunt’s helper’s daughter because her parents find it difficult to pay her school fees.”  She loves what she is doing. Her only grudge is cleaning time, she doesn’t like clearing messy bands.

Her future plans? “I am trying to learn quilling, maybe, I can do that next time.” She has found what she is good at and she is using it to help people. This young philanthropist is rearing to go and you can follow her journey on

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