National Biological Association for Students (NBAS) conducted an Aids Awareness Programme – ‘Chase Aids Together’ at N.S.N. Matic Hr. Sec. School, Chittlapakkam, on July 28, 2007.

The students of classes IX to XII were invited to attend the programme.

The students were enlightened on the ‘value based life’ enabling them to march forward to a significant phase of life. The emphasis was on ‘Let us live life the way it is meant to be lived’ and the students became aware of their responsibilities.

Informative audio-visual presentation, the flowchart and the pie chart on the causes of AIDS were displayed at the programme.

There was a great sense of fulfillment as the objective of NBAS was steered in the right direction for ethical and moral living.

NBAS-National Biological Association for Students is a non-profit, grass root society formed to support and provide the appropriate forum to the student community for a sustainable development through bio-technology. The association also promotes activities related to biotechnology awareness and education.

The members of the association gave an elaborate speech on the Pseudo – apprehension of the much dreaded disease to break the inhibition and hatred towards the affected victims and their inspiring speech furnished a basis for further interest by arousing curiosity and providing discussions.

Finally, the message – Prevention is better then cure – revealed the comprehensive and conscious effort of NBAS in establishing strong motives to attain their valuable goals.
NBAS is at F2, Sterling Swapnalok, 23, Padmavathiar Street, Gopalapuram, Chennai – 86. The association can be contacted by email at
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