Student reporters selected for 2017-18

We received 53 applications for the annual Student Reporter programme of YOCee for the year 2017-18

The following is the list of students selected for the programme.

Considering the safety of the young participants, we are not publishing the class and school in this list. Individual emails are sent to the selected students. This is only a public list and is in alphabetical order. The list does not include the names of reporters continuing from the last year programme.

Aditi Ramkumar
Bhargav Koushik T
Charan Rajasekaran
Eshita Shree S
K. Jithisha
Kaviya Adharshini Balaji
Kartik Janardhan S
Mahika Vaid
Naksh J Menon
R.S. Shreenidhi
R Vidula
S. Siddhesh
Shabarish K
Shalini Sankaranarayanan
Shreenidhi Rajagopalan
Sonaa Meyyappan
Vasuvedant P
Vishnu Bhala Kailasam

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