55 days in space

If you’re an astronomy freak, you shouldn’t have missed this one. Marsha Sue Ivins, a retired astronaut, cosmonaut, space engineer addressed a group of students at Birla Planetarium on April 30, 2012. She used to be more of a flight engineer in her career.

She began telling the students about space life like how they eat, work and sleep. And do you know that Astronauts move about the space station by flying because there’s no gravity or G-force.

Here are some more interesting info that Ivins shared with the group.

They eat food compressed in bags. So if they eat food with their food bags open, they’ll have sauce and nuts floating all around the space station. While drinking water they usually make balls of water and gulp it up.
They sleep in cozy, comfy bags which are not too soft or too hard. Now you know that if an astronaut says that he didn’t sleep well in space, he’s obviously lying. They usually work with their legs strapped to a platform. So, no goofing around during work.

Now the most important thing, gross stuff! They have bags which have to be attached to the closet before they do their gross stuff. After they are done, they have to take the bag and dump it in something that looks like a bucket. Here comes the gross part, the gross stuff is used for making drinking water. You read that right, DRINKING WATER!

Never mind! Anyway, did you know that there can never be (well, at least for the next 20 years) a gravity generating system in space?

Ivins also said that if you want to be an astronaut, you need a Master’s degree in at least something, preferably Science. So if you think that you can just goof around in school and be an astronaut, you’re WRONG!

Ivins’ tips to become an astronaut:

  • Study hard
  • Be creative
  • Never take NO for an answer!

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  1. Hmmm….A very different report…!
    I love the crazy facts about the astronaut’s life in space…;)
    Good job Vamsi Krishna 🙂

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