A-Day at Chinmaya Vidyalaya

Aug. 11 was a special day as it was our school’s Annual Day. It was a time for receiving awards for the hard work that we had performed during our academic year, a time for performing and showing our fellow students our talents.
So,on that evening at around 5.30, we assembled to watch the show that our friends had put up. When the chief guest Smt. Leela Nambiar, the Trustee (C.C.M.T) walked in, we applauded and welcomed him. He gave us a speech about the rich culture of our country.
After that the prize distribution began. The Best N.C.C Cadet, the Best Student in individual subjects, Attendance prizes and Reader of the Year awards. With that the best time of the evening arrived.
The performances were mind-blowing, the dances were incredible and our friends were unrecognisable. They put together a dance titled ‘Dheeran’, to represent the three forms of courage-physical, mental and intellectual.

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An English play on Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, in the Roman Empire. Another Tamil play about Alexander The Great and Chandragupta Maurya and also a Hindi play on The Rani of Jhansi.
When the entertainment was over we stood for the National Anthem. It was time to go home. With smiles and compliments about the day’s events.

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