A model conference

If you are someone who is really interested in the relationship between countries at the international level and how disputes are solved between them, you would have surely been a part of this year’s CHEMUN (CHEnnai Model United Nations) conducted by the American International School, Chennai.

The CHEMUN website (http://www.chemun.org/) says that the Model United Nations is “an annual conference for high school students who come together to caucus, negotiate, debate, support and pass resolutions to solve global issues. It is a simulation of the United Nations where students play the role of UN delegates representing countries assigned to them.”

The fifth annual CHEMUN was spread across three days– from Oct. 14 to 16, 2011 with an active participation of 350 plus students from 28 schools. Many schools from other countries such as Italy, Israel, Myanmar, Oman, Palestine, and UAE too had participated.

After the inaugural session which was graced with the presence of Jennifer McIntyre, Consul General, United States Consulate, Chennai.

The six committees (General Assembly, ECOSOC, Environment Commission, DISEC, Security Council, and the Special Conference on Women and Children) began their proceedings.

Each committee was assigned with different topics and the delegates had to come up with comprehensive and sophisticated resolutions on the same. Over the second and the third days the resolutions were amended and voted for or against.

On the second day, a guest speech was delivered by Dr. Purna Shankar from Karna Prayag, an organisation that nurtures abandoned infants and babies. The CHEMUN team had been involved in a fundraising program for this organisation.

The evening of the second day witnessed the most awaited event – the Social Night! All delegated were bussed to Hotel Asiana, on the OMR where they enjoyed dinner and dancing.

On the third day morning the delegates were back to resolutions and voting. CHEMUN Charter-a newsletter exclusively covering the proceedings of the three days’ event was printed and distributed to all.

Participating in this MUN had definitely helped everyone with their public speaking, negotiation, dispute solving, social and conflict resolving skills, said the participants.

After the closing ceremony at the General Assembly Hall, the delegates went back with fond memories of this MUN and with a resolution to come back next year too!

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