Footpath – dumpyard

It is very natural that children get exhausted after a tiring eight hours of action in school.

From studying to playing to talking and with all the extracurricular activities, one is expected to be tired, be sweated and exhausted. That is why there are small Kwality Walls or AMUL Ice Cream shops outside schools so as to help children relish some coolness after the hard day inside school.

But what we found outside Chettinad Vidyashram was horrendous!
Along the long sidewalk outside Chettinad Vidyashram campus, if one gradually looks in between the park lot and the footpath, here is what they see –

When the whole world is depending on the youth, expecting a revolution and a change to make India better, students are so ignorant and impatient that they don’t have time to dump their “ICE CREAMS” in proper dump bins. But then, where are the dump bins?

A heap of dump is seen on the other side of the road, next to which is a huge residential area and an office.

Where are the steps against the smelling dump, which can also give rise to pollution and diseases?
One of the oldest areas in Chennai, R.A Puram, which also houses the Ayyappan temple close to Chettinad School is not as clean as one would expect a temple area to be. And any area outside school is expected to be clean, and an example to what an ideal India should be.

Steps should be chalked out and properly implemented. Proper dust bins should be added around the canteens. Change is severely needed.

And the young should be educated to dispose off the waste properly.
Will the change ever come?

One thought on “Footpath – dumpyard

  1. Good job for pointing out with a good picture. I would certainly say “Change will come and the awareness started”. I hope the principal of the school and the teachers will look at it and inform the kids how to recycle or use the garbage effectively.

    If Garbage not found, inform or write to authorities to get it. Students are the pillars of our next generation. Nourish them, INDIA will be greener soon.

    Jai Hind!

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