A quiz to stop mugging and start learning

Can you answer this?

‘’In a cricket match, Pakistan had to score 307 runs in 50 overs to win. They scored at an average rate of 5.6 runs per over in the first 20 overs. What should be their average run rate per over for the remaining overs in order to reach the target?’’

This was one of the questions at the The Stop Mugging Start Learning (SMSL) Quiz powered by ASSET Ambassador was held on 18th November as part of Children’s Day Celebration at PSBB (KKN).

It was the second SMSL quiz conducted this year which aims to promote ASSET’s motto of ‘Learning with Understanding’.

There were seven teams in all – each comprising of one student from class eight and one from class nine.

The quiz, hosted by teachers, had three rounds in all of which two were on the buzzer. The questions for the quiz were designed by ASSET and were based on Maths, Science and General Knowledge.

Round One consisted of 14 questions in all – 7 in Maths and 7 in Science. 20 points were awarded for each correct answer. Round Two was a mix of 21 Questions in Maths, Science and General Knowledge. 20 points were awarded for every correct response and 5 were deducted for incorrect ones. Round Three once again was a buzzer round with 20 points for every correct answer and -10 for every incorrect answer.

‘The Bright Sparks’ took the lead from Round Two, responding quickly and accurately to the questions and went on to win the quiz. Ranganath of Class Nine and Aadithyan of Class Eight.

The audience, who were students from Class Nine, enjoyed a fun learning experience that they would cherish for long!

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