Abhang Parivar – musical discourse by U.Ve.Dushyanth Sridhar

A very interesting music and story gala was hosted on Dec. 16, 2015 in Sri Sankara Vidyasramam, Thiruvanmiyur supported by Carnatica. The topic for this program was ‘Abhang Parivar’ and it was by U.Ve.Dhushyant Sridhar along with R.P. Shravan’s wonderful vocal support .

Abhang or abhanga is a form of devotional poetry sung in praise of the Hindu lord Vitthala.

Based on Mahipath’s Bhakthavijayam Dhushyanth Sridar briefly covered the life and devotion of Jnanesvar, Namdev, Ekanath and Sant Thukharam, who were pioneers in Abhang for ‘Bhakti Sampradaya,’ wherein it was possible to attain Godliness merely through Bhakti (devotion) that did not attach importance to caste or creed but only true devotion to Lord Panduranga.

Noteworthy of this show was also ‘Airtel SuperSinger’ fame R.P. Shravan’s beautiful vocal support in rendering awesome abhangs and it seemed as if all the audience were mesmerised in his singing.

While leaving some of the audience said that the word ‘Vitthala Vitthala’ was echoing in their minds.

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