All wood at this show

‘Appar 25’ was an exhibition to exhibit Appar’s art made of wood.

Appar is a carpenter by profession. He says Nature and Culture do not change. But who teaches us culture?

The purpose of the exhibition was to know the answer to this question, says Appar. A car, fan and a bicycle all made out of wood and in working condition made the exhibition amazing.

In his exhibits, Appar brings out the relationship between man and tree in an artistic way. Childhood, adulthood and old age are the stages of life of a human. Likewise, trees too have many stages in their life. They have feelings and they feel happy and sad at times, he says!

During autumn trees shed their leaves and during spring new leaves are grown. He compares this with the proverb ‘Failure is a stepping stone to success’.

Appar also says that there are gender differences in the trees like male, female and transgender. Every person is different from other and every tree is different from other. Specific trees grown only in specific places simialr to the fact that all people do not move with all people.

We use wood in many forms in our lives.  But in the exhibition, the art objects displayed the inner meaning of every art.

Ask Appar a question – “Government asks us not to cut trees but these people do cut trees?”
He had an answer for that.
Every human being born on this earth should one day die likewise every tree born on this earth should be cut at the right time for use by man.

The exhibition inaugurarted by Ganapathi Shtapathiyar on Aug. 28 and went on till Aug.30 at Vasthu Vedha Aaivu Niruvanam, Vettuvankeni,  Injambakkam.

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