An extra break between classes helps

Schools are the place for learning new things both non-academic and academic. Focusing on the academic part, we need to make our studies as effective as possible at school. One such way is having additional breaks between classes. Though this might seem unnecessary or illogical at the beginning, there are several benefits of doing this and this is similar to the Pomodoro technique, an effective study technique proven by researchers.

Firstly, in the break time, for instance, 10 minutes, students can choose to play some brain games like crosswords or sudoku that the school agrees with or can read newspapers or books or even do meditation, helping to rewire their brains. Furthermore, during some break times, students can discuss or debate current issues or solutions for them. Secondly, during that time, students can also choose to revise by making notes, reading or through fun activities of what happened in the class which can act as a potent method to understand and remember the concept better.

However, the faculty might be worried whether the students might exploit the time provided. To prevent that, teachers can be there in the class to monitor whether students are only doing activities similar to the ones mentioned above that can help improve their focus.

To conclude, giving a break means that students don’t feel like their studies are stressful, which is a common issue these days. Moreover, due to the break students can not only remember the concept of the previous class clearly but also be more active in the next class as their concentration is better due to rewiring their brains.

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