brown turtle

Conserve turtles for a balanced ecosystem

This year on May 23, 2023, the world celebrates the 24th World Turtle Day. The celebration…

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Fashion garments and the future planet

Addicted to constantly shopping for new, cheap clothes to try out new styles or keep up…

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plastic alternatives

Think of alternatives to plastic

Almost everything around us has plastic, from our toothbrushes to the clothes we wear and even…

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Stories in a capsule

I am someone who wants to tell a lot about a lot of things but when…

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Rail museum

Museums – full of stories

Museums aren’t the most exuberant places you would find. It is quiet everywhere, everything is delicate…

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Green deposit

Investment for a green future

Everybody is acknowledging environmental issues and the world is taking bigger eco-conscious steps. One such step…

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writing by hand

Writing by hand is crucial for brain development

Though many people switch to typing instead of writing by hand. I feel handwriting is beneficial…

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friends on a trip

Forging a Strong Bond through Diverse Personalities

As they say, “A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation and doesn’t always need togetherness. As…

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Cannes 2023 India Pavilion talk

India at Le Festival De Cannes 2023

One of the biggest and grandest annual global festivals has started, as you guessed, it is…

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