back to school writing contest

Back to school – Writing contest: Last date – June 11, 2019

It is again that of the year! Time to be in a new classroom, a new class teacher, a few new friends, new subjects perhaps a new school for some of you.
Have you been thinking of how the new year would be for you? Have you been dreaming of new goals? Are you looking forward to learning more and better your skills?
Here is a contest to put your thoughts down and win prizes!

Last date for submission of entries: June 11, 2019

Seniors (Class 9 to 12)

Choose any one of the topics.

1. My goals for this school year
Setting goals helps us achieve them in a steady manner. And setting realistic goals motivates us to be at it. So, what are your goals for the year?

2. The one thing I am most excited to learn this year. And why?
There are various subjects in every class. There are favourite ones too. But, we look forward to learning one topic or a subject or skill that excites us. What is yours and why are you eagerly expecting to learn?

3. Are friends for fun or getting better together?
We all have friends. Friends in schooldays are special. How are you mutually connected? Say it in words.

Juniors (Class 6 to 8)

Choose any one of the topics.

1. Back-to-school time – a special time of year

Is going back to school fun? Were you waiting to go to school after the long holidays? Or no? Express your thoughts freely.

2. Homework again! Love or hate?
School and homework are inseparable. How much do you love them or hate them?

3. Habits I want to change for a better me
There is always a part in us telling us to change for the better. What habits do you think of shedding or just change and turnaround?


1. Only one entry per participant.
2. Maximum length: 300 words
3. Submission of entries in only by email to
4. Use only 12 point Times New Roman font in black. No fancy fonts, graphics.
5. The entries should have the full name (as in your school record), class, school, contact number and email of your parent/guardian.
6. All the entries should be accompanied by a declaration from the parent/guardian that the submission has their consent.


The results will be announced on June 16, 2019
The winners will be individually intimated by email/phone.


– Ten best entries each in junior and senior categories will win prizes and goodies.

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