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Be a tour guide of your neighbourhood

Last date for submission: (Aug. 23, 2020) Extended till Aug. 29, 2020

Every neighbourhood in Chennai has its own places not known even to the residents of the other areas. Only a localite can show you around places that no guide book will tell you.

You could be the person in your neighbourhood who knows those secret spots that people in other parts of Chennai would have never seen or know of them.

Be a local guide for people who visit your neighbourhood. Do not take the whole city to take them around. Be in your own area.

For example – if you live in Anna Nagar, choose 5 places to take your visitor and tell briefly about the places. Add photos if you have them and write at least 10 sentences about each of these places. If you choose pictures that are not yours, do tell us the source. If it is from the Internet, provide the link to the picture.

Open to children up to 17 years of age.

Send a word doc to

The best 10 entries will be published on
We are not promising any goodies for now. But, we will surely try to send you some!

Be a showarounder of your neighbourhood to your visitors.

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