Celebrating Navarathri with music

The ninth day of the, Da Sa Ra with Music festival took place on the 1st of October at Gallery Sri Parvati.

Asmitha and Aprajitaa took the stage to perform first. They are both well trained singers at this very young. The were accompanied by Aravind on the mridangam. Both of them were appreciated by the audience with loud roars of applause. They were then certified in appreciation of their performance, by the organizer of the event, Mr. Lakshmi Narasimhan.

Karthick Iyer then presented his concert. He is an emerging singer who spent a great deal of his life in the US. His voice was precisely strong. He was joined by Subashree on the violin and Sai Prasad on the mridungam.

The birthday of Lakshmi Venkat, their mentor, added more glory to the event. The entire programme was recorded for telecasting.

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