Chennai’s new Italian cafe in a residential area

Cafe Nolita in Nungambakkam has instantly become a success within a few days of its opening. The Italian based restaurant aims to have the best pizza in Chennai. Its menu serves kinds of pasta, tiramisu and other Italian food besides pizza.

Cafe Nolita restaurant has special accommodations for people in wheelchairs and has a separate area allotted for pets. Nolita, no doubt, has impressed various customers with their ambience and pizza. However, Nolita has failed in keeping their neighbours happy. The downside of this restaurant is that it was started in a private residential area. Since half of the cafe is an outdoor-based restaurant, the loud noises of the customers and the clattering noises of the utensils in the kitchen have been disturbing the neighbours. One among the neighbours is P. Sudha, a lawyer and a member of a political party. She has by far given them warnings to reduce the number of disturbances or to make the whole restaurant indoor. But when the disturbances still continued Sudha had strictly warned that the matter would be pushed to court.

Now due to summer heat, the customers prefer staying indoors, therefore causing no more disturbances to the neighbours. The restaurant is now the hype of every foodie in Chennai.

Cafe Nolita is at 6, Nawab Habibullah Avenue, 1st Street, Off Anderson Rd, Nungambakkam.

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