Colourful Janmashtami

Hansel & Gretel, a kids activity centre in T. Nagar celebrated Janmashtami by conducting a fancy dress competition for children on Aug 24.  Children turned up for the event in resplendent costumes of mermaids, pirates, fairies, Krishnas, Radhas, gopikas, freedom fighters and Draupadi to name a few.

As the audience and eager parents looked on, the children went up on stage and displayed their outfits, some proudly and some rather shyly. A few of the bolder ones drew a lot of applause by making prepared speeches.
The event was judged by three judges with varied backgrounds in arts, education and teaching.  Actress Simran, who happened to be dropping by for a visit,  distributed the prizes for the winners.  All the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and went home with special gifts and balloons.

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