work as a team

Competition or collaboration?

Competitions are an integral part of performing well. They give immense self-confidence. However, they are not as effective as teamwork.

In a team, there are many different perspectives and views points, and collaborating them all can lead to something ten times more marvelous. However, in a competition, one works alone, and there isn’t a variety of thoughts. Thus, the result, and the process, can be quite boring.

In a team, the teammates can help one and another if there is any difficulty or problem. They develop a sense of unity. But in a competition, you work alone, and it’s every person for themselves.

Sometimes, individual work can be quite educational, but not always. In my opinion, teamwork is the best since it improves creativity, working together without conflict, and leadership skills greatly. For, as the saying goes, “None of us are smart as all of us.”

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