Discussion on parenting in Kolathur neighbourhood

Delegates from the Parent Circle, a monthly magazine for young parents, conducted a Happy Parenting Workshop at Vasantham Arts Academy on June 28, 2014. The purpose of this workshop is to facilitate parents to bring up children as better students and moreover as better human beings.

Vice President of the Academy, Mr. Krishnamoorthy Venkataraman and officer S.Saravanan were present at this event. They conveyed that the social responsibility of their organisation is to help parents overcome the challenges in handling the present day children and that the need of the parent community is their inspiration.

The event began with a singing performance as a welcome note to the chief guests and an interactive session with Mr. Krishnamoorthy followed.

The session dealt with some basic dos and don’ts that lead to happy parent-child relationships using examples from real life incidents. He spoke about ‘Intention and Expression’ and explained that the expressions must always reflect one’s intentions in order to avoid misunderstandings.He also added that the parents should lead as examples as childern grow up watching them.

He mentioned a saying of Swami Vivekananda, that adventure is an inconvenience; rightly considered and inconvenience is an adventure; wrongly considered! He described how children must be given space to voice their views on matters concerning them. He then revealed a secret that “A family eats together, lives together” and insisted that a family must at least spend some time together every day to improve bonding.

After this, the principal of the Arts Academy, Mr R Narasimhan briefed on how certain hidden talents of the children should be identified and encouraged by the parents. He also spoke on how extra-curricular activities and hobbies help in developing a child’s concentration, academic performance and lateral thinking skills.

The Vasantham Arts Academy located in Kolathur run by Mr. Narasimhan has been providing a platform since 2004 to many children as well as adults to improve and develop their skills ranging from music and dance to fine arts. With over 100 students and skilled teachers they have been training and conducting different programmes for students to overcome stage fears, to increase their confidence levels and prove themselves talented.

The Parent Circle Team had been organising such workshops for the past 3 years, which many parents found useful. A soothing instrumental performance marked the end of the event making it more wholesome.

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