Drinking water as a profession

When I learned that such an unusual profession exists, I was as stupefied and nonplussed as you will be after reading this writing.

There exists an interesting job that most of you might be unfamiliar with – the job of tasting water, determining its intrinsic properties, and rating water based on its characteristics. Loosely called “water sommeliers”, there are a mere 112 people in the world engaged in this profession.

In case you were wondering, certified courses exist for water sommeliers (just as how they exist for those wishing to become wine stewards), where an individual’s senses are trained to distinguish different types of water by their tastes, composition, nutritional benefits, origin, etc.

Ganesh Iyer is the first and only water sommelier from our country, who is the Director of Operations at Veen, a Finnish company.


Featured Image: https://us.123rf.com/

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