12 angry men clip

Movie Review: 12 Angry Men

An intriguing murder. A sweltering jury room. And twelve angry men. The 1957 film, ‘12 Angry…

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Back at school while the pandemic has not ended yet

Today morning was special. Excitement mingled with the nostalgic familiarity of past experiences, and the anticipation…

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Of Thoughts – a philosophical questionnaire published by high-school student

“Common sense isn’t so common after all” – this is one among the many philosophical quotes…

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Naren Villuri Seed Collector

Naren Villuri collects seeds today for a greener planet tomorrow

“After eating a fruit, do you throw its seeds away?”, asks 10-year-old Naren Villuri, studying in…

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COVID Resistance Fund Students

School students join hands to raise funds for Covid-19 medical care

A group of nine high school students has shown that youngsters too can play an important…

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Drinking water as a profession

When I learned that such an unusual profession exists, I was as stupefied and nonplussed as…

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food waste and shortage

Wastage and shortage of food – a global dilemma

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in…

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funny words

Fun with language and words

As banal as it might sound, English is a funny language. But, with tricky homophones, confusing…

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Technology in times of crisis

With medical requirements being the need of the hour, several individuals, private organizations and social-service organizations…

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