Goats fight and traffic halts

At 12.10 p.m. around noon in 28th Cross Street of Indira Nagar, people heard of goat’s bleat and sound of crashing, beating and honking. When they came out to the road and to their balconies to see what was happening, they stopped to watch this strange goat-fight

It was a scene of two heavy goats with sharp horns and they were knocking their heads against each other, pushing down at the middle of the narrow road. It was disturbing a lot for drivers while driving as they stopped for a while.


It was a rare and strange moment for everyone. They were taking pics and videos and got entertained. Some of them enjoyed and some of them got frustrated and started honking. After some time the goats got tired and stopped fighting.

One of them among the onlookers tried the two goats to fight by forcing them, but they did not care for those people and walked away for eating.

Here is a short video of the ‘fight’!

This amazing or terrifying moment finished at the time of 12:25pm .This amusing 15 minutes was a memorable moment for drivers, people who passed by and the people who lived in 28th Cross Street of Indira Nagar.

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