Going Festive with Music, this Season

To join all the festive pomp and celebrations of the season, the Da SA Ra With Music fest is celebrated from Sep. 23 to Oct. 3, 2014 at the Gallery Sri Parvati hall in Eldams Road, Chennai. The programmes were planned as two parts, the Bala Sangeet and Yuva Sangeet.

On Sep. 28, the Bala Sangeet featured veena music played by two young musicians, Sri Nadhavarsha and Srinidhi.
The young players have been trained in playing the veena for the past 4-5 years from their guru Hema Veeraraghavan, who is a recipient of the prestigious Kala Mamani Award. On the Annual Day of her institution, she conducts Instrumental Day which includes the veena recital of the 25 panchakaras by 25 students on the same stage. Now, she has more than 500 students from all over Chennai. Mrs.Poornima, from Hindu Publications was the Guest of honour, who has a passion for Carnatic music.

The programme included famous Carnatic songs such as Bho Sambho in Raga Revathi, Brahmam-Okate by Sri Annamacharya, and Alaipayudhe kanna in Raga Kaanada.

The second part of the programme, Yuva Sangeet had the students of renowned Guru Chitra Veena N.Ravikiran, who are Anahita and Apoorva. These vocalists sang many beautiful compositions along with the mridangam and flute. They are sisters who share their passion for music and have performed in many prestigious events such as the Margazhi Utsav, The Cleveland celebrations in the U.S. and in many other places such as Bangalore, Kerala, Delhi and the U.S. Apoorva also plays the violin and Anahita plays the Chitra Veena.

Gallery Sri Parvati is a small air-conditioned hall with high amplifying properties. The participants seem to enjoy the performances in the cozy hall as the audiences do.

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