talking flower

If I were a talking flower …

We all imagine being something that may be real or non-living. At times, we say “I wish I were a talking animal” or “I wish I were a snowflake wandering through the skies”. We often come across poems where the poets compare themselves with nature or a thing like maybe trains, snow (non-living) or trees, sun, flowers (nature). Have you ever thought about how it would be to live as a speaking flower? Here are my thoughts:

If I were to be born as a speaking flower, I would enjoy it as I love to be with nature. When I live as a flower in a place where there are only trees, grasses, flowering plants, rivers and lakes with pure air and plenty of rainfall, I would love it!

I can sing with happiness and joy. If an enemy comes, I will be able to scare them away (as I can talk), all the plants and trees near me can be my friends.
Most of all, all of us can create awareness and tell humans how we feel when they kill and destroy nature. We are also a source of food to animals. If they kill us, then the animals will not get food and hence, they too will die.

If all the things in Nature could talk, we the humans can also have friends to play in Nature!

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