Exercising at home? Why not?

Exercise. The word ignites varied kinds of responses from different people – some are enthusiastic, some are lazy about it while some understand the importance of exercise and yet fail to make it a habit. I fall in that last category. In the “pre-covid” period, I used to go on walks with my mother in the evenings. I considered them fun and a good way to pass time.

Now, sitting locked up in my home day in and day out, I realise how much those walks had helped my body. The lack of any physical activity in the past months has brought down my overall stamina.

I used to go on walks for at least an hour before, but now, it’s a miracle if I lasted more than 30 minutes. Thus, after understanding the significance of exercise the hard way, I have now planned on settling into a routine that consists of a few basic stretches, some breathing exercises and then walking in my terrace. It’s quite refreshing listening to the birds chirping and feeling the warmth of the sun on your face. Sometimes, the chill breeze would also make its appearance making the whole exercising experience all the more pleasant as we won’t be stinking with sweat later on! So please don’t neglect your health.

We need not go anywhere out to exercise, neither do we have to do complex workouts. You have no idea how much good simple, basic movements can do to your body. Just walk around your garden, or on your balcony or terrace for half an hour if not anything else. That will make a whole lot of difference to both your physical and mental health.

Featured image courtesy: https://youthfirstinc.org/

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