invisible power

Invisible power

Being invisible is a massive gain. Strolling and sneaking to places having fun!

Here’s what I will do if I was invisible for a day:

There are many posh hotels, studio and homes which cannot be visited by the public or might be a little lavish for us to visit. Now that I have the power of invisibility I will sneak into those places enjoying the splendor appearance of the place.

Many visit a particular place on a special occasion like a festival or an event. Certain places have restricted areas that can’t be entered by everyone. Being invisible, you can walk carefully and enter those areas

I have been played a prank many times like some scare me, do prank calls, put toothpaste on Oreo, etc. I would reciprocate the same with them by

  • Talking loud and scaring them as they won’t be able to see me
  • Moving their things like books, pens, phones and making them float in air
  • Eating snacks in front of them so that they can see the food float in air and disappear.

Being invisible is a privilege bestowed on us which should be used cautiously without causing any harm.
So, I will never misuse the power of being invisible.

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