Waiting for the world of sports to open up

Last year every sportsperson had many challenges to face. You may think that “It is just sports; they should be happy to rest”. But that is almost impossible for sportspeople. Trust me, I am one myself.

Suddenly, the most tiring part of your day is taken out, how will you sleep? How will you maintain your finesse? These are just a few of the challenges we faced. Constantly worrying about how you will get back to your game! That’s one of the worst parts of a sportsperson’s life. I personally overthink a lot and one whole year without practice was hard to digest. I felt as if I was choked by this news and my fear was blocking it out.

I follow sports a lot too, I watch almost every sport. I am a huge cricket fan! The joy of arguing on who will win before the match starts and the sudden twist in the match hits differently. I am sure, every sports follower would have missed it last year.

Now, even when IPL started, the whole world was excited. Later many other sports started conducting tournaments like Spain Opens, Thailand Opens, etc.…. When everything was going smooth (like butter) IPL was cancelled. But we still enjoyed watching other sports in other countries and we are awaiting the world cup this year!

All the sportspeople did a wonderful job of training in their homes, maintaining their diets and getting back to their game quicker than ever. The saying ‘Need is the best teacher’ stands true to its words!

The thrill has just increased in us!
We are waiting for IPL to start again, in UAE!

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