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It is not okay to break the safety rules

As we all know, India is currently in an unbelievably severe situation due to the second wave of COVID-19. The cases and death rates were seen increasing and that caused the government to add on some more safety rules which every resident in India must follow. Many states have imposed lockdown till further notice. All shops, except medical shops, hospitals and landmarks providing vaccines are closed. No one should step out without a valid reason.

But, what are those valid reasons? We come across hearing many people break the rules. Some people break the rules out of sheer negligence and some unsure of the rules. Only 13% of India’s population is vaccinated (source), as of date.  Availability of doses and reluctance towards vaccination are among the causes for the lower percentage. But rules have to be followed by people even who have already been vaccinated. Sill a few people break the rules because of helplessness. Some shopkeepers break the rules to earn money when they have enough to survive for a week, but few others open their shops to survive for a day.

The most common reason many people attribute to is India’s illiteracy level. Many do not understand the seriousness of the situation we are in. Many are still ignorant about the technicalities of this disease, is what we hear. On the other hand, some people break the rules unintentionally or do not have a choice. People in poverty cannot follow all the rules like social distancing and isolation. a dozen people living inside a small house, the lack of public toilets are a few of the many reasons causing the number of Covid cases to increase in India.

It is not okay to break the safety rules for unnecessary reasons, but when there is an absolute need, people need to take all the safety precautions and obtain permission while stepping out.


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