It’s election time at Vel’s Vidyashram

Election for the School Pupil Leader and the Assistant School Pupil Leader was held in Vel’s Vidyashram Senior Secondary School, Pallavaram on June 21, 2012. Teachers and students from class 6 to12 voted to select their leaders.

The elections took place in school computer lab. The dean of the school Mr. V.Venkatachalam cast the first vote followed by the vice-principal Mrs.Ramya Ramanan. And then it was the students’ turn to vote.

E-polling at Vel’s Vidyashram

E-polling was introduced for the first time. The e-polling programme was designed by the students of class 12 under the supervision of the computer teacher.

After casting their vote the students were marked on their index finger with a permanent marker. The results of the election were announced on the following Friday.

Among the four boy candidates and eight girl candidates for the SPL posts, Vijwal.P.Poojary and Sapna got the maximum number of votes and were elected as the School Pupil Leaders. Pavithra and Vivekanand were elected as the Assistant school pupil leaders.

Despite the slight disappointment prevailing among the other candidates who contested the elections, the students are happy about the results and are eagerly waiting for the newly elected leaders to fulfill their election promises. The elected leaders are overjoyed and are looking forward for the invesliture ceremony.

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