It’s ringing returns from Anjana

We have all heard of people celebrating their birthdays by distributing chocolates, sweets, muffins, cakes and pastries. But Anjana Arunkumar, a student of class XII of DAV Girls Senior Secondary School, Gopalapuram who celebrated her birthday recently distributed earrings to all her class mates from her amazing collections.

Anjana’s fascinations and liking for earrings started at a tender age of six. She started collecting earrings from everywhere possible. Today after a decade of collection, she has a wide range of the rarest earrings which include different types of animals, fruits, vegetables, pizzas, burgers, cakes, toffees, books, shoes, sharpeners, flowers, clowns, celestial bodies like moon, sun, stars. Her master piece collection also includes different seasons, monuments, snowflakes, ice cream, sports items, lollipop, mailbox, taxis, frocks, pants, various parts of the body, scooter and the OMG bubble. Her friends admire the Eiffel tower and the Taj Mahal which are like the icing on the cake.

Her collection bears contributions from all over the globe. She has till date accumulated over 700 pairs of rare and funky earrings. Anjana has preserved her treasured collection neatly in different boxes and despite the abundant number of earrings, she does not struggle to pick up the pairs as the earrings are always kept in their designated arrays at all times.

She ensures that she changes her earrings every day before starting to school. Anjana’s friends at school eagerly await to see what dangles from her ears. She does not repeat any earring in an academic year. While the simple ones are reserved for school wear, the high end models are reserved for special occasions.

According to Anjana, the greatest challenge is to preserve the earrings and not repeat them. She prefers to receive earrings as gifts for any occasion. Being in the last year of school, Anjana chose to distribute earrings to all her friends and class mates as a memoir.

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