Krishna Janmashtami at The PSBB Millennium

Vishnu, the preservative aspect of the universe and one of the Hindu Trinity, is said to take birth in this mortal world of ours whenever it is overburdened with evil-doers and sinners, who by their wicked actions upset the equilibrium of the earth.

One such incarnation is his birth as the son of king Vasudeva and his wife Devaki Devi of bygone ages. He was then given the name of Sri Krishna. This incarnation of Krishna was brought alive by the tiny tots of The PSBB Millennium School.

Festivity was in the air. Decorations were done with care and love. The stage was decorated with flower garlands and mango leaves. The altar was stupendously worked on. Everything loved by Krishna was ready for him!

Then with his tiny feet, he wobbled to the stage!
The little children welcomed him with a prayer and sang about his pranks with Theeradha villaiyattu Pillali!

The significance of Krishna Janmastami was shared with the audience. When it was declared to be Krishna’s birthday, everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Krishna!
Suddenly the entire stage was flooded with the little Krishna’s and Radhas. Each looking divine and devoted!

The Teachers thanked him profusely and sang Kurai Ondrum Illai. And thus the Krishnajayanthi Celebrations were made memorable at The PSBB Millennium School, GST Road campus!

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