Bringing colours to the lives of the visually challenged

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”, Gandhiji said once. Mr. Radhakrishan is a standing example for this.

Armed with commitment and passion Mr. Radhakrishnan cocoons more than 10 adorable minds. He runs Smt Rajeswari Radhakrishnan Charitable Trust in Nanganallur, for blind students to educate them.

The Trust selects one topper each from various districts across Tamil Nadu and they are given all essential facilities like food, shelter etc. A lady doctor is also appointed to take care of them.  Readers and scribes are prearranged to read out and for writing examinations for these students.

Seven students are pursuing English literature, one history and two girls are doingTamil literature.

“One of our girl students wants to do PhD and asks me to help her. Many people ask me why do I do all these things, when I could relax at home peacefully. But I find satisfaction in doing all this,” says Radhakrishan proving that Gandhi’s statement is correct.

Each student is given a phone so that the Trust could reach them when they are outside. No stranger is allowed inside the Ashram except the cook and the doctor. Voluntary reader are arranged to read out the girls who record it with the help of an iPod or write it down using Braille slate.

“The iPod helps us to record during the class hours and reading sessions. We replay the recorded lessons later.  This helps us to clear our doubts when ever they occur”, says Danasurya, a first year BA student from Queen Mary’s College.

Recently the students have been provided with a Braille dictionary to help them learn better.
“When I was in a hostel they had a lot of rules. Rules exist here too. here. But this is not like a hostel. I feel at home here. Just that my parents are not here. There are limited members and Sir is there to give us everything.We would like to follow our Sir”, says Revathi, a second year BA student.

The Trust is working along with  with Enable India, an organistaion which gives computer training for differently abled persons. A pass in the examination after the course is completed awards a Diploma in Computer Applications.

Radhakrishnan also undertakes many other charitable activities like marriage of poor girls, temple kumbabishekam, educating the children of young widows from villages. When Krishnamaal Jaganathan,  Alternative Alternative Nobel Prize laureate from Kuthur village, Thiruvarur district wanted one set of uniforms for the children she is taking care of, this trust mobilised for it. On Independence Day this year,  the uniforms were distributed through the turst. The Trust has many upcoming projects for helping the women in the villages by providing them with livelihood through cow milking, weaving mats, tailoring classes etc.

“Nobody has given us these facilities before, but our Sir helps us a lot. He thinks about how to improve us our facilities every time. We are proud of our Sir. We will study well  and make him proud, the girls say in one voice. They feel that he has brought colours in their lives that had no light once.

Smt. Rajeswari Radhakrishnan Charitable Trust functions from Flat A4, Bhavithra, 144 A, College Road, Nanganallur, Chennai  600 114
Mobile: 91768 55310. Website:

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