rainy day with cat watching the rains

Lazy days? They have a lot in them too!

Some days we are active and feel like doing everything we want to do like there’s no tomorrow! We are euphoric the whole day, running around everywhere. But on some days, we don’t feel like using our energy for anything productive. On those days, one may love not stepping out of the house the whole day!

I feel lazy only on rainy or cold days. I don’t like stepping out during those days. I would love to be inside and spend my time doing nothing productive on that day!

One of the best things I love doing is listening to music and drawing my thoughts at that time. I love doing that while watching the rain. Rain always gives me peace of mind after a hectic day. The soft drops of water hitting the ground outside help my mind relax! As you know, rain always turns a stressful mood into a wonderful, happy mood. I listen to calming music while watching the rain alone as I love spending time with myself.

On a winter day, I would love to stay huddled up for the cold and watch a thrilling movie with all doors closed! A movie can take you to a special place where you feel like you’re a part of the movie.

However, though I have so many activities to do on a lazy day, nothing beats spending time with my cat! Lazy days turn out to be the most memorable ones when I spend time with my pet cat! She always makes my days better than they already are!

Along with these amazing activities, I love cooking as it’s enjoyable! What’s better than eating?

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