malls and markets

Let the bazaars and malls coexist

Both traditional bazaars and malls have their own benefits.

If you have a wider budget, and a very clear or specific idea of what you want to buy, a mall would probably be the best option for you. The prices tend to skew higher, but shops in malls often sell higher-quality products, with multiple different options based on colour, size, etc.

However, if your budget is lower and you have only a vague idea of your purpose, a traditional bazaar would be optimal. The prices are generally lower, and you may haggle with the shopkeeper to find a more reasonable price. However, the items are sometimes of lower quality or have been exposed to the elements.

Different people have varying needs and preferences and should make their decisions based on what best suits them. For example, clothes in a traditional bazaar may not fit you exactly, while malls will usually have the item in every size possible. While the items in a bazaar may not always be of good quality, mass-produced items from a supermarket can also be defective.

Buying clothes from a bazaar can help support the local craftsmen and communities. Malls can also aid in a bonding experience; to go shopping with your friends or family.

I hope that supermarkets and malls never replace the local bazaars, so they can both cater to our needs.

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