Review: Vaathi – a positive change in the corrupt education system

There are several movies that are getting released each year and some of them gain a lot of popularity too. One such film is reasonably popular in the south Indian industry whose streaming partner was Netflix was ‘Vaathi’ in Tamil and ‘Sir’ in Telugu.

It is a movie worth watching especially for the age groups of teens to parents. Though it won’t be really engaging for small children and grandparents, it spreads a good message to anybody who watches it.

The story revolves around a young junior lecturer at a private college who is shifted to teach at a government college and his will to prevent education, a powerful and sacred tool to change society from being turned into a corrupt business. The lecturer’s role is wonderfully played by Indian film actor Dhanush and in par with his action is Samuthirakani playing the villain role. The heroine in this film is a teacher too and has the vision to teach for free in remote areas The music director, G.V. Prakash Kumar has done a good job as the songs were reasonable and the song called ‘Vaa Vaathi’ has become quite popular and there are some inspiring music and songs too.

In my opinion, the story is the highlight and the director, Venky Atluri has done an amazing job as he courageously depicts the corrupt side of the education system. It is an inspiring story for the youth to watch as they realise how many people struggle to fulfil their dream of getting educated and getting proper resources, a school and staff in the first place and how many obstacles they go through as their dreams get crushed due to financial disability or other social barriers, out of which corrupt education too stands as a barrier to many students and that how we as students who get access to all kinds of facilities, can aid and share our knowledge for free and make a change.

There is a beautiful scene that has the dialogue “Panam eppadi venum naalum sampathikkalaam, Aana padippu thaan mariyathaiyai sampathichu tharum” which translates to “We can earn money any way we want. But it’s only through education that we can earn respect”. The movie truly motivated me to make a positive change in corrupt education systems or at least help students who are financially disadvantaged and respect education and its power and ability.

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