Lockdown inspires Samukta to publish her first fantasy fiction

“A story indeed begins with the writer’s imagination but actually concludes with the reader’s,” says Samukta.

Meet Samukta, a class 10 student, who has penned published a book titled ‘The Futuristic World’ at the age of13. This fantasy fiction book will shepherd you through the future world and its dimensions, when it will have much more advanced and expert technologies than this instance, with some intriguing twists.

When asked, when did she realize that she wanted to become a writer, Sam cracks a laugh and replies, “My objective or my goal was actually not to become a writer. I just wanted to discover something new in myself.”

“This boring lockdown, which made me read limitless books, has inspired me to write this book,” says Samukta.

It took her two months to finish writing the book, She drafted and revised the story about 2 to 3 times before the publication. “I was not satisfied with any of my output when I wrote them down. Even now, I would make some changes, if I have a chance to rework on it,” she says.

Talking about her next project, Samukta says, “I have worked and now have about three drafts of stories, and I’m currently focusing on the second part of this book, which is going to reveal the twist,”

What was the hardest part of writing in the book? With a calm smile, she says, “I felt I have not done anything great so far. And it was really upsetting me when I realised that I could not cast up any achievements in my author bio. Hopefully, the author bio for my next book will not make me sick.”

How would one get a good book out? “Mind-blowing plot and twist is very important to make storyline captivating. Only then, your characterisation and the epic settings will get stronger. If you can tell your own stories, devise incidents and create characters, no matter what you write, it’s just going to be fabulous,” says Samukta with a chuckle.

‘The Futuristic World’ is available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/FUTURISTIC-WORLD-S-SAMUKTA-S-I-RAMYA-ebook/dp/B08GH4MFPH


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