M. CT. M celebrates A – day

The 28th annual day of the M. CT. M. Chidambaram Chettiyar Higher Sec. School, Mylapore celebrated their annual day at the Sivagami Petachi auditorium on the 1st and 2nd of August. The chief guest was  N. Ram,  the Editor in Chief of ‘The Hindu’.

The annual day began with the prize giving and was followed by the   invocatory dance, a bharathanatyam dance. The show ‘Ten Little’ Indians’ by the primary classes followed.
Then came Krishna Leela, a bharathanatyam perfomance by a group of four girls who try to cope-up with the pranks of Krishna. A student of class 2 did the role of Krishna and the dancers dancers were from the middle classes.

The primary class students presented the drama ‘Sleeping Beauty’ by the primary classes and they did a beautiful perfomance. This was followed by the Sanskrit drama about how sage Valmiki penned Ramayana and this was also done by the primary level.
Then came the turn of the senior secondary girls who danced to a Rajasthani folk song drawing huge applause from the crowd.
The English drama ‘Fat is Beautiful’  by the senior secondary students followed.
The cubs and bulbuls sang and the primary class children danced, after which the young kids presented the Hindi play ‘The Ganesha’.

The much awaited programme in the list came next. Tribute to Michael Jackson’, a superb dance program by the senior secondary boys!
They tried to bring  Micheal Jackson on the stage by replaying his actions including his moon walk.
Finally the curtain were drawn with the National Anthem and free unlimited food was waiting for the students outside the auditorium!

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