Time for annual celebrations at Bala Vidya Mandir

Imagine walking into a sea of black and being greeted by sparks of colour, bright lights and great music. This was exactly the situation on the 25th of July.

Bala Vidya Mandir conducted its Annual day on the 25th of July 2009 at the Vidya Peet Auditorium. The event lasted for two hours between 5 30 PM and 7 30 PM.

The event began with an invocation to the almighty. This was followed by the Orchestra. The Orchestra started the evening on a bright note and their prayers and bhajans proved to be a hit among the Grandparents and parents in the vast audience.

The Middle school English Play was next on the list. The story of this play titled ‘Swami And Friends’ was an adaptation of RK Narayanan`s famous “Malgudi Days”. With simple costumes and settings, the students managed to entertain the audience.

Next, the Tamil play enthralled the audience with the emotional story of Rama`s exile and Bharata’s ascend to the throne. This was followed by the Sanskrit play titled ‘Bhageerathi’. The story revolved around how King Bhageeratha brought the River Ganges down to Earth and as to how he managed to solve all the problems involved in this. With beautiful dance, extravagant costumes and colourful backdrops, these two plays really stood out.

The felicitation ceremony was next, Ranjith of Class 12 delivered the welcome address. This was followed by a speech by the Chief Guest, Mrs Shivashankari. The Author gave a brief speech in tamil about our culture and heritage. Pranathi Diwakar, Head Girl, then delivered the annual report of the academic year. Finally the vote of thanks was made by Gautham, Head boy of the school.

Then the teachers and sub staff who had worked in the school for more than 15 years were honoured .Prizes were also given to the most motivating teacher, the most creative teacher and many others.

The second half of Annual day began with the Hindi play titled ‘Murkhon ki talaash mein’. The story of the play was taken from the stories of Akbar and Birbal. The students lit up the stage and also managed to lighten up the audience with good – humoured jokes.

The Senior English play was next. The play titled ‘Nobody famous’ was about how a fortune teller was actually right about a small time actor’s fortune.

The Dance drama, the last show for the day, was absolutely breathtaking. The auditorium was filled with colour and was set ablaze by the dancers. The dance titles ‘Shivanjali’ portrayed Lord Shiva’s serene beauty. The spectacular show included gorgeous costumes, melodious music and of course well choreographed dance moves.

A proud father in the audience said, “The dance was absolutely fabulous! This was definitely the best show of the lot!”

This wrapped up the evening and the audience and students left the school with smiles on their faces.

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