Madras Quiz 2012 : Online – Day 6

Our city celebrates Madras Week from Aug. 19 to 26, 2012.
How well do you know your city?
Participate in the daily quiz hosted online here through the week and have fun learning about your city. A new quiz will be uploaded every day. The quiz will be of questions, puzzles and games.
The quiz is open to children of ages 8 to 16. You can take the help of your parents, grandparents and everyone at home!

All you need to do is find out the answers and submit online before 10 p.m. every day. (A new quiz will be up at 12 midnight and the previous day’s quiz will disappear!

After answering the question, fill out your name, date of birth, Email id and phone number. We need to contact you in case you are among the ones who answer all the questions correctly.
Three all-correct entries each day will win a set of picture post cards.

Winning a prize is good. But having fun in learning is great.

Go for the quiz!

Answers to the questions of Day – 6

1. Aug. 22
2. Tambaram
3. Fort Museum
4. Fort Museum
5. Fort St. George
6. Raj Bhavan
7. Anna International Airport
8. Nungambakkam
9. Greenways Road
10. Ripon Building

Entries Received : 48
Participants who got all the answers correct : 13

1. Adrian Joseph David
2. R.M. Harish
3. Melvin Josua David
4. Akshita
5. K. Pranav
6. K.Abhinav
7. A. Anushree
8. A. Sanjushree
9. V. Preethi
10. Suyambu Vishal
11. Sanjay Arvind Krishna
12. S.M. Srinithy
13. M. Sruthi Abhirami

Congratulations winners!*
Your prize of picture post cards will be despatched on Aug. 27, 2012

* We decided to give away the prizes to all those who got all answers right for all the days, even though we had announced prizes only for three.

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