Mamallapuram Sculptures in paintings

Temple sculptures sprang to life at the C.P.Art Centre! The centre is hosting an art exhibition of painting and drawings of temple sculptures and designs.

These paintings are made by the children of the Mamallapuram sculptors. These children were trained by the headmaster and teachers of The Government College of Architecture and Sculpture, Mamallapuram.

Ms. Prema Sreenivasan, once a student there and now a teacher there explained about the paintings that were on exhibit. She said that these children had been selected because they had talent but were not able to come out and show it to everyone. So the teachers are giving training to them, and the paintings that they make are sold and the money is given to them.

She said that all the paintings and the measurements of paintings of gods were all drawn with reference to the Aagamasastra and the Shilpasastra.

There were many paintings of yaazhis, which you can find in the pillars of temples. Yaazhis are made of five different animals. There were also paintings which showed the different hairstyles worn by different gods. The interesting feature of these paintings was that tanjore painting stones were stuck on the paintings to make them more shiny and interesting.

The prices of these paintings range from Rs.500 to Rs.2000. And if you are interested, make sure to visit the exhibits before 9th January 2010.

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