Meet Ruchika and Harini, karate champions

I dragged my two very best pals to the end of noisy corridor for a short chat. The two girls, U.B. Harini and A.G.S. Ruchika, are international karate champions, who attended the International Karate Tournament, held in Talkatora stadium at Delhi, between November 21 and 25, 2012. Both of them are students in Sri Sankara Senior Sec. School, Adyar.

karate championsWhen did you start learning Karate?

Ruchika: I started learning Karate when I was in 4th standard. We had it as a part of our extracurricular activities in our school.

Harini: I joined Ruchika when I was in my 5th standard.

What is your style of Karate?

Ruchika: We learn the style Shito Ryu from the Gurukulam School of Karate, Adyar branch. It has many other branches.

Who is your mentor ?

Harini: Our mentor is Shihan K.Tamil Selvam.

Tell us more about the tournament 

Harini: It was held by WUKF(World Union Karate Federation – Not Recognized by Olympics). 13 countries participated in the event.

Ruchika: In katas, we had age and belt wise categories. In kumite (fighting), we were categorized based on weight and belt. For team katas, it was belt and age wise categorization. About 500 people contested from India and India got 643 medals in total.

What belt are you in?

Ruchika: We both are in Black belt DAN I

What other karate competitions have you participated in ?

Ruchika: We have gone for a few National tournaments and a few Inter Karate Schools tournaments.

What were the prizes you won in the International Karate Tournament ?

Harini: Ruchika won Silver in Individual kata and Bronze in kumite. I won Bronze in Individual kata. We, together with our master’s daughter, Krithikaa, won Bronze in Team kata.

What would you like to tell the young people who learn such art forms?

Harini: Do hard work and luck will always be by your side.

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